In the unfortunate event that an incident and/or injury occurs at your workplace, we will be able to provide you with incident investigation and reporting assistance.

Safety Solutions WA can help you every step of the way with dealing with incident and injury from simply providing WHS/OSH advice to a complete and thorough investigation, inclusive of realistic and appropriate corrective action suggestions to prevent recurrence.

Our investigations personnel have 18+ years of experience in conducting incident investigations and subsequent reporting and can help you through the entire process.

We understand that dealing with an incident or injury at your workplace can be a stressful and a complicated time, but Safety Solutions WA can help to relive some of the stress.

Our WHS Incident Investigation & Reporting Services include:

  • Incident and injury investigations
  • Workers compensation management
  • OSH Advice
  • Review of regulatory notices
  • Provision or corrective actions and preventative recommendations

Our team takes pride in offering a supportive and professional approach when dealing with an incident or injury, and we believe the advice we can give will be able to help you deal with the situation in an effective and timely manner.

Please contact us today, to find out how our safety advisors can help your organisation through a difficult time.