Does your company's safety get a clean bill of health?

July 16 2018


Tax time has arrived and with it comes new financial year budgets. But has your business considered safety and health as an aspect in its 2018 – 2019 budget? Has there been appropriate financial resources allocated to ensure adequate training, personal protective clothing, repairs and maintenance – just to name a few factors that may come up during the year?

Some companies may see health and safety as an expensive roadblock to their business however, having adequate resources in place for prevention and identification of issues in the workplace can potentially save you large amounts of money in the long run. There is clear evidence from studies confirming that a safe workplace with a proactive safety culture has a direct and positive correlation to the productivity of a business.

Resources can come in the form of:

Financial - allocation within the company budget for maintenance and repair, personal protective equipment, introduction of safer and newer machinery, funds for training new people or up-skilling existing people.

People – allocation of an internal safety representative or external safety consultant (such as one of the Safety Solutions WA team) to be the ‘go to person’ within your business to assist you in meeting your safety targets and objectives, monitoring systems and processes and providing advice and assistance.

Training – allowing time for people to attend training to increase their current skill set in their positions.

Equipment – machinery and equipment which reduces or eliminates a risk.

Safety documentation – management plans, procedures and forms which come together to provide guidance and control of a good functioning safety system.

Publications – Australian Standards, State and Territory legislative publications, newsletters from State and Territory regulators.

Having a well-functioning safety and health system in place is an asset and having adequate budget allowance available is an investment into the business workings. Companies that have a documented safety management system and proven safety track record are more likely to win tenders and clients than those companies who have no systems in place.

Additionally, having a good functioning system results in a better safety culture and higher productivity from your workers. Companies that have a positive culture from the management level have a happier and more productive workforce.

If your workplace requires a health check on its current safety system, please contact us to book an independent audit of your work system and areas.