Safety Solutions WA provides workplace health and safety (WHS) consulting services to various industries, and helps them to implement and maintain proper safety systems and procedures.

We provide you with the information and help you need to meet WHS legislative requirements, and create a safe and positive work place. 

Safety Solutions WA has a passion for the health and safety needs of our clients, and we are always trying to provide a service that is unrivaled. All our safety advisors are highly trained and have experience in various industries that allows us to provide you with help and information that is truly unique and specific to your individual needs.

The services that Safety Solutions WA provides to our clients include:

At Safety Solutions WA we are confident we can provide you the right help and information to make it as easy as possible for you reach your health and safety goals. If you are interested in learning more about how are services can help benefit your organisation please contact us today, and one of our safety advisors will contact you to answer any questions you might have.