Safety Solutions WA understands that putting together a good health and safety tender document can be key to winning contracts, and that is why our safety advisors take pride in helping our clients to prepare and review their tender documents.

Receiving the proper support when it comes to your health and safety tender documents can help to relieve stress and save you and your organisation time.

Alternatively, we are able to assist organisations in the adequate review of tender submissions received to make recommendations on the appropriate contractor, or assist short listed contractors in getting up to your required standards.

Safety Solutions WA has years of experience with helping our clients to meet their tender requirements.

The main benefits that our safety advisor can provide are:

  • Tender documentation preparation and reviews
  • Safety Management System change recommendations and implementation in order to meet tender requirements

To find out how our safety personnel can assist you with your tender documentation, please get in touch, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.