We are proud of our online/web-based safety management systems as it allows you to access the information you need on any computer or mobile device, and to receive notifications and alerts instantly.

This allows us the opportunity to give you a truly flexible way on accessing, monitoring and improving your safety management practices.

Our web-based safety management systems are powered by MyOSH, and it allows us to give you updates and safety advice instantly. Safety Solutions WA have been the only organisation within Australia and New Zealand to be certified as a Gold level myosh business partner.

Web-based safety management systems are one the most efficient ways of receiving the information you need to create a safe work environment.

Our Web-based safety management systems includes:

  • Take your safety management system to the next level of accessibility & functionality with an online safety management system
  • Your safety system accessible from every computer and mobile device in your organisation (Free Apps available)
  • Automated alerts and reporting
  • Powered by MyOSH
  • For more information, please click here for our brochure

Our web-based safety management systems allows our clients to access their safety information anywhere and at any time they need.

There are numerous benefits to be able to access your safety information on-line, and we believe we provide one of the most professional services out there today.

If you would like a demonstration, and to find out how using Safety Solutions WA can benefit you please feel free to contact us.