Working On or Near, Energised Electrical Installations

May 01 2018


In addition to the above legislation, further changes to regulations came into effect on 14th May 2018 regarding working on or near energised electrical installations.

Working on or near energised electrical equipment (live work) is an unsafe practice and too frequently results in burns, shocks, serious accidents and fatalities for electricians and other workers. This is clearly unacceptable and incidents involving this is something that Western Australia has been unfortunately subject of over the last couple of years.

New compliance obligations for licenced electrical workers are detailed in the Electricity (Licensing) Amendment Regulations (No. 2), published in November 2017. The Regulations do not permit electrical work to be performed on or near an exposed energised part of an electrical installation that can be de-energised.

Further detail on the Electricity (Licensing) Amendment Regulations (No. 2) and the Code of Practice for Persons Working On or Near Energised Electrical Installations is available via this link.