Sub-Contractor Assessments

November 10 2016


Does your company engage contractors to carry out works for you, or on your behalf?

Are you aware that you have the same duty of care over these people whilst they are at you workplace as if they were direct employees?

The proposed Work Health and Safety Bill places even more emphasis on contractor / sub-contractor assessment that what the present WA OSH Act expects. Due to this, those of you in the construction industry or associated trades will no doubt have seen an increase in OSH/HSE detail within tenders and assessments made by your clients of late.

If not doing so already, you need to start doing the same.

Depending on the scope of works, size on contract, or contractor, this can be a daunting, confusing and often time consuming process.

Safety Solutions WA have developed a Sub-Contractor suitability assessment process to assess your contractors prior to either award or mobilisation. We will take the whole process off of your hands and provide you with detailed reports of findings from assessment of your potential sub-contractors safety systems and plans. If needed, we will provide guidance to the sub-contractors as to how meet their / your legal and your own company expectations, in order to have a compliant and understanding sub-contractor arrive at your workplace when it’s time to start.

Contact us to discuss how we can carry out all of your sub-contractor assessment needs.