Implementation of AS 4801 and Federal Safety Accreditation (OFSC)

November 15 2017


Safety Solutions WA can assist your business with the implementation of AS 4801 and Federal Safety Accreditation (OFSC) levels of safety management. We can also provide guidance with maintaining these accreditations and coach your workers on what to expect from an auditor during the auditing process.

Our experienced team can conduct a mock audit to identify gaps in your existing safety management system. These gaps will assist in identifying where improvements can be made to bring your system up to AS 4801 and/or OFSC accreditation levels. Safety Solutions WA can then provide you with the necessary assistance in implementing these improvements.

If your company has recently completed an AS 4801 or OFSC audit, our team can provide guidance on how to apply corrective actions in a practicable way that works with your business while still meeting the assessable criteria.

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