How to effectively track safety performance within your company

July 16 2018


The way the safety statistics are monitored within a business can either be non-effective or highly effective. The difference is being educated and understanding what the difference is.

Leading and lagging indicators is a concept which many businesses use to measure their safety performance.

Lagging indicators – these are measured from incidents.

  • Lost time from incidents
  • Frequency of injuries, incidents and near misses
  • Severity of injuries, incidents and near misses
  • Worker’s Compensation costs.

Leading indicators – these are measurements of safety events occurring pre-incident. Improving lead indicators can potentially result in an improvement in lagging indicators.

  • Safety training
  • Worker training, competencies, qualifications and licences
  • Safety audits and inspections
  • Hazard reporting and controls put in place from identified hazards.

Having documented evidence of conducting these practices and retaining this information for record keeping purposes is also an important part of a functioning safety system.

Lead indicators should be:

  • Actionable
  • Achievable
  • Meaningful
  • Transparent
  • Easy to communicate
  • Valid
  • Useful
  • Timely

Does your company have processing in place to effectively monitor your safety statistics? Please contact our team to learn more.