How Do You Assess and Monitor Your Contractors?

May 01 2018


One particular area which the Safety Solutions WA team has been seeing in the field and during the internal auditing process is gaps in how companies assess and monitor their contractors.

Contractors are, for many companies, a pivotal part of the business workings. Some companies cannot function without their contractors. So how do you know if you have the right subcontractors for the job? Are they fulfilling their safety duties in line with your own company safety standards? Do your contractors have the required skills, qualifications, certificates and licences for their tasks?

Some ways in which you can assess this is by:

  1. Conducting an assessment on a contractor prior to engagement. This can be as simple as having a comprehensive checklist as a set standard of what you expect a subcontractor to have in place to conduct works or provide a service.
  2. Assessing the contractor’s safety documentation at the time of engagement and on an ongoing basis to ensure safety and health continuity.

A strong process for managing contractors is important for any safety management system. If you would like assistance in developing such a process or any other assistance with your workplace safety system, please contact our team.