Electrical Testing and Tagging

November 15 2017


Electrical tagging is to be completed by a competent person by the first day of the quarter. Unlike some common beliefs, there is no grace period. It is recommended that you organise to have your equipment tested by your electrical testing company (or a competent person who has been trained for the process within your company) so you are ready for the 1st of December.

If you are working on a construction and/or demolition site, you must provide the main contractor with a record of the relevant testing date (i.e. an electrical register). The tag must bear the name of the competent person who conducted the test, their licence number and the test date or re-test date.

Remember – the testing quarters for construction and demolition sites are as follows:
Red: December to February
Green: March to May
Blue: June to August
Yellow: September to November

The periodic tagging and testing of electrical equipment does not remove the onus on the operator to visually inspect all equipment for damage prior to use. Any damaged equipment is to be ideally tagged out of service and removed from the work area for repair/replacement.

If you are working in any other workplace other than a construction or demolition site, the person in control of the workplace must ensure that electrical equipment and RCD’s at the workplace are subject to the appropriate checks, tests and inspections necessary to reduce the risk of injury or harm occurring to a person at that workplace.

Further information on the requirements of electrical tagging frequencies is detailed in AS/NZS 3760.