Electrical Contractors' Safety Management System

July 19 2016


  • Are you a small to mid-sized Electrical Contractor?
  • Do you want to see all of your team doing the right thing, meeting legislative OSH standards and protecting themselves and your business?
  • Are you being asked by existing clients or within tender documents to have and provide evidence of a current safety management system?
  • Are you a NECA or Master Electricians member, but want a more practical, easy to use, or less complicated system for the size of your business than what is presently being provided?
  • Are you paying too much for your existing product/s?

Safety Solutions WA have developed an entry level safety management plan for small and mid-sized (up to around 20 personnel) electrical companies that will assist you in meeting your legislative safety requirements, but also be simplistic and practical to use.
We have partnered up with Myosh, using their newly released web-based Myosh 365 product, which provides for a practical platform in which to manage safety at your workplaces. The product additionally features an APP, so that workers are able to access required information no matter where they are working and provide real time data back to you.
The real advantage to you with the Myosh 365 product apart from its simplistic use, is the price. The monthly subscription is from $39, with no establishment, set up, or lock in fees.
Safety Solutions WA build and provide the required additional documentation that sits behind the Myosh 365 system, but unlike one size fits all systems that are on the market, we will meet with you to discuss your requirements and only populate and charge for what you require or want. You won’t be paying for extra’s you don’t need or unlikely to use, but the facility is there to grow and expand your library of safety documentation as your business grows, or you move into different areas or work. If you are already using a documented system, rather than re-inventing the wheel, we will review and utilise your documents for you, making it even more cost effective.
The Myosh 365 product comes with the following modules as standard:

  • Public Library: handy documents and links
    • Toolbox talk topics
    • Sample forms
  • My Library: Your company documents and those provided by SSWA
    • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
    • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
    • Safety management plans
    • Procedures
  • Risks / Hazards: Records details of hazards, risks, controls (Risk Register)
  • Personnel: Lists details of all workers
  • Training: Records training and reminds when refreshers are due
  • Incidents: Records and provides investigation reports
  • Registers: Populate with your business specific requirements:
    • Electrical
    • Plant
    • Lifting gear
    • Chemical
    • Etc.
  • Checklists: Checklists for conducting workplace compliance inspections
  • Meetings: record your pre-start, toolbox, client, safety meetings
  • Actions: Assign actions to individuals in order to provide verification of an implemented safety system

Please contact us for an appointment for a demonstration of the Safety Solutions WA Electrical Contractor safety system, to see how it will help you.