February 17 2016


An OSHMP is a set of plans, actions and procedures to systematically manage safety and health in the workplace to achieve the following:

  • Provision of a safe and healthy workplace and the prevention/reduction of illness and injury equally for employees and contractors
  • Identification of workplace hazards, assessment and control of all risks
  • Active involvement in safety and health matters by managers, supervisors and employees and their representatives
  • Provision of information and training for employees at all levels so they can work safely
  • Meet legislative requirements
  • Audit and review of the OSHMP

Why should organisations be interested in an OSHMP?
The purpose of an OSHMP is to systematically eliminate the possibility of accident, illness, injury or fatality in the workplace by ensuring that hazards in the workplace are identified, assessed and eliminated or controlled in a systematic manner, rather than waiting for an incident or injury to occur.

Employers have legal responsibilities to provide a safe workplace and plans of work, to consult with employees and to keep them informed about safety and health matters. Small businesses can use an OSHMP to assist in meeting their requirement of preventing injuries, illness and accidents.

The primary benefit in implementing an OSHMP is the assistance it can provide in meeting the moral and legal responsibilities of employers.

 Benefits include: 

  • Prevention of injury and illness and/or damage
  • Reduced loss of working days due to injury and accidents
  • Lowered incidence of employee’s workers compensation claims
  • Reduction in workers compensation premiums
  • Minimised work stoppages due to safety disputes
  • Improved work methods and worker morale thus leading to improved productivity
  • Provides a framework for meeting legislative responsibilities
  • Less exposure to enforcement action from regulators
  • Makes a business tender for work more effective and appealing in meeting client’s standards.

 The implementation of an OSHMP does not exempt an employer from meeting the requirements of the WA Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations. An OSHMP is not a substitute for the law or the outcomes required by the law however, an OSHMP should assist you to meet your legal obligations.

Should you be a main contractor on a construction site, with five (5) or more workers likely to be working on that site, then you are legally required to have a site specific OSHMP for that site.

An effective plan is more than a paper chase. It is about making sure that relevant changes occur, to improve OSH management activities. However, documenting what you do is good business practice and can assist you in providing evidence of your actions should it be required in the future.

Safety Solutions WA provides advice and assistance to assist in developing an appropriate OSHMP suitable for your business requirements, or can review and audit your present plan to provide recommendations to enable you to show due diligence and continual improvement.

For more information on OSHMP or to book an appointment to discuss options available to you, or for any other OSH inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.