April 12 2016


In the unfortunate event that an incident and/or injury occurs at your workplace, it is a requirement that employers investigate the event, in order to identify causal factors and establish appropriate corrective actions to prevent recurrence. This may be by changes to plant, equipment, process or procedures, training, personnel capabilities, guarding, the list goes on.

The Safety Solutions WA team are able to provide you with incident investigation and reporting assistance. We can either lead and carry out the investigation for you in its entirety, assist you in running the investigation, or simply review your own investigation and provide any required guidance, suggestions or feedback.

Should the event be of a nature that it becomes a reportable incident to a regulator (or you believe it may become such), we recommend you contact us as soon as possible, even if it’s for a free, non-obligation chat to discuss the matter at hand to establish your options.

Safety Solutions WA can help you every step of the way with dealing with an incident or injury that has occurred at your workplace, in a professional and confidential manner, providing you with comprehensive reports and action plans.

Our investigations personnel have formal investigative qualifications and years of experience in conducting incident investigations from near miss events, through to workplace fatalities.

We understand that dealing with an incident or injury at your workplace can be a stressful and a complicated time, but Safety Solutions WA can help to relive some of that stress.

Our services include:

  • Incident and injury investigations
  • Workers compensation management
  • OSH Advice
  • Review of regulatory notices

Provision or corrective actions and preventative recommendations

Our team takes pride in being as professional and sensitive as possible when dealing with an incident or injury, and we believe the advice we can give, will be able to help you deal with the situation at hand and make your workplace safer for the future.